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Hardware is more than bling. 

The PROOF. The Trophy. The Best. 


Proudly display the International Award that recognizes the ENTIRE team, including strategists, data scientists, creative, and you

The ANA International ECHO Awards offers gold, silver, and bronze trophies to winners and the coveted Diamond International ECHO Award and the Gold Mailbox. 

All trophies are designed and hand-finished with artisanship by Society Awards.  Society Awards is an American company best known for its YouTube awards and manufacturing of high-profile entertainment industry awards, including the Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and ANA International ECHO Awards, among others.

How can you claim your ANA International ECHO Award trophy?

As a winner of an ANA International ECHO Award, you are eligible to claim one trophy and order as many additional trophies as you would like for your team and client.  (Fees and shipping may apply)

Here is the process:

  1. All winners of the 2022 ANA International ECHO Awards received directions via email on how to claim their International ECHO trophy.  If you need a copy of this email, please request a copy via echoawards@ana.net.
  2. To claim your ANA International ECHO Award and order duplicate trophies please visit societyawards.com/ana-echo.
  3. Please sign in or create a new account using the same email domain used to submit your 2022 award entries.
  4. Select your products and select the winning category from the drop-down options.
  5. Awards will be shipped within four weeks of order placement.


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