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ECHO Marketing Data Strategy of the Year Award

The ANA International ECHO Awards launched in 1929, uniting marketing professionals from around the world to celebrate brilliant marketing programs that drive measurable results.  Over time, the ECHOs have evolved with the industry to recognize the central role data can play in driving long-term growth through data inspired strategy, creative, and execution.  

Among the most important initiatives of ANA’s CMO Growth Council are those centered on data, technology, and measurement — the engines that will lead marketers into the future.

With this in mind, the ANA International ECHO Awards has launched a new specialty award to showcase expertise critical to improving performance in today's data-driven marketing ecosystem.

This award will showcase how organizations developed marketing strategies and executed campaigns fully leveraging and optimizing their available data to achieve marketing and business goals. From collection, to collaboration, to application and measurement, the case study submissions will share the processes and methodologies teams put into practice for harnessing the power of data, and the objectives and opportunities that were achieved.

The winners will represent best-in-class examples of strategic and creative uses of marketing data to elevate the way marketers engage with their audiences, streamline processes, and augmente the role data plays in their organization to achieve marketing and business objectives and generated real growth. 

A select jury of industry experts determined the shortlist of finalists.  Five honors will be announced - gold, silver and bronze award winners, plus two honorable mentions.

The Marketing Data Strategy of the Year Award winner results were announced live from the stage on March 29 as a featured segment of the 2022 ANA Masters of Data and Technology Conference.


Vaccine Readiness Model
MediaCom and Choreograph

Retailer Media, Revamped

Creating Consumer-Centric Lifetime Value
Kimberly-Clark and Accenture Interactive



Sweet Blocks
FCB Brazil

Using Attention AI to Predict Real-World Outcomes
Mars and Realeyes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?
Client-side marketers, marketing solutions providers from around the globe are eligible to enter the ANA International ECHO Awards. The program is open to both ANA Members and non-members.

What is eligible?
Strategies that were brought to life and in practice anytime over the past two years – 2020 and 2021.

When is the entry deadline?
The ANA is currently accepting entries for this award up until February 25, 2022.

What is the Fee to enter?
$400 USD for ANA members  /  $600 USD for non-members

What do I need to complete my entry?
You will need to fully complete the Case Study Entry Form on the ECHO Awards entry portal. We have a sample entry form now available to use as a guide so you can gather all the correct material prior to beginning your online entry.

Can I view my submission before finalizing?
You can view your in-progress application by clicking on the "My Applications" link on the left side of your screen and clicking "Edit" to make updates.

How often can I edit my entry?
You have access to edit and update your entry as often as you would like until you click "Checkout" (finalize and pay for any entries in your shopping cart). Once you have submitted your entry, you will only have read-only access. All entries must be finalized and submitted before the deadline. All entries not finalized before the deadline will not be judged. 

Can I print my International ECHO entry?
Yes. To print your entry while you are still working on it, please press the Ctrl/Command + P. This will print the page you are on. Please click through each page of your application and press Ctrl/Command + P to print each part.

Once your entry is marked as "Complete," you will be able to print your entire International ECHO entry at once. To complete your entry, you must check out and pay for your entry. 

Can others on my team view entries before they are submitted?
Yes. If you provide others with your International ECHO Awards entry system login information, they can log in to your account and see your entries. You may also print your entries and share a hard copy.


The process is simple:

  • Please read the terms and conditions before beginning the 2022 ANA International ECHO Awards entry process.

  • Logging into the entry portal requires ANA credentials but does NOT require ANA Membership.  This is generally a work email address and self-selected password.

    • If you do not have ANA credentials, please click here to create your account.  (Once account creation is complete, please use your ANA credential to login to your International ECHO Awards account.)

    • If you already have an ANA account but forgot your password, you can reset it here

  • Review the sample entry form.

  • Enter your work via the online entry portal

  • Finalize and submit.  It's just that simple!

The short list of finalists and winner(s) will be announced at the International ECHO Awards Gala taking place on March 28, 2022, in Orlando, Florida, where we honor the best data-inspired marketing in the world.

Please email the ANA International ECHO Awards Team for more information at ECHOAwards@ana.net

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