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2020 awards program is closed. Details for the 2021 ANA International ECHO awards will be announced in Spring 2020.

Requirements and Process

Do you think you’ve created an award-winning marketing campaign? Only the ECHO Awards measure greatness in terms of impact on business — which lasts far beyond campaign run dates. Our judging formula is simple: Judges will score each entry equally in the three criteria of strategy, creativity, and results. The only exceptions are in the Craft categories, where some awards are weighted more to either creativity or strategy.

Please read the following rules and details before beginning the 2020 ANA International ECHO Awards entry process.

Completing the Entry Form

Entries must be entered online using the online entry form. For the best online experience, Google Chrome is the recommended web browser to use while entering.

The electronic form cannot be altered or modified in any way after submission. No other form or substitution will be accepted. Please provide all required information. Failure to provide complete information will be subject to disqualification. An entry is considered submitted after filling out the “Entry Disclosure Form” tab and initialing and checking the “Submit this Entry for Judging” check box in the “Submit” tab. An entry is considered received and eligible for judging once payment is accepted.

WINNING TIP: Work on the entry form offline and then submit it online. Download a Word document here.

Entry Form:

The ECHO entry form is in six stages:

  1. Entry Overview
  2. The Team
  3. Entry Text
  4. Supporting Files and Uploads
  5. Preview Entry
  6. Completion
  • You can download a copy of the entry form and work offline HERE. 
  • Agencies must not include the agency name in the entry text in Stage 3 of the form, or in any file uploads submitted in stage 4.
  • Clients entering their own work should add the client name in the field for “Agency Name” with the words “In-House” included. Example: “Client Name, In-House”
  • Each category that you enter represents a separate entry and a separate entry cost. We highly advise that you duplicate an entry and amend the entry copy for each category.
  • Use the tool tips. Each entry question has a tooltip that will help you answer the questions appropriately.

Complete and Compliant

Entrants are required to answer all questions on the entry form. Each section has tips that indicate the kind of information that should be included. Please be as specific as possible, and please be concise. Entries that are well-written and clearly lay out the story of how and why the marketing campaign meets and exceeds the three judging criteria of strategy, creative, and results are more likely to win.

We recommend that you write a draft of your entry OFFLINE so you can easily edit it and check for typos and spelling mistakes. Ask others to proofread your entry before you copy and paste it into the ONLINE entry form.

Consider writing your entry like a short story, but keep it simple, clear, and concise. While ECHO judges are highly experienced marketing professionals, they review a lot of campaign entries in a single judging session, so carefully consider the readability of your entry and use short, succinct paragraphs wherever possible.

To protect the integrity of the judging process, do NOT include the agency name (or indicate/mention the name of the agency) except where specifically indicated on the entry form. Any mention of the submitting agency in the body of the Entry Form is grounds for disqualification. The only exception is agency self-promotion campaigns. Also, please avoid anything on samples or materials that could identify the creative group or agency, such as labels, addresses, URLs, etc.

Credits for Your Entry

There is a specific area on the entry form where you can list companies and individuals who worked on your campaign. You should list agency individuals as well as client individuals. Please be accurate, as the way you list it on the entry form is the way it will be printed and presented should your entry be an ECHO winner. The information provided in the credits will be considered final and cannot be altered, even if an individual no longer works at a particular company.

Submit Proper Materials—Online and Offline

Please submit one complete set of creative samples. Do not mount samples on boards. All mounted materials will be disqualified.

  • Printed Media: Physical samples of all direct mail and catalogs, and other dimensional materials. You may upload samples in addition to sending physical samples.
  • DRTV/Video/Radio: Submit samples via upload.
  • Digital: Submit via upload.
  • Online Video Advertisements: Submit via upload and include applicable landing pages in the upload.
  • Social Media: Submit via upload and include applicable landing pages in the upload.
  • Translations into English of all non-English copy.

Do not place an insured value on the contents of your entry shipment. Send all materials via Priority Mail or special courier (e.g., FedEx or UPS). Do not send via an airline or agent, as we are unable to collect from the airport or customs. Also, should you need to confirm delivery of your entry package, please check with your courier for delivery confirmation.

Please PRINT and keep a copy of your entry form. Please note that the person submitting the entry form will be considered the entrant and will be advised of the competition results.

Foreign Language Entries

All foreign language copy must be translated into English. Clear translations must be provided for all work not written in English. Broadcast entries may be dubbed or subtitled in English or include a complete written translation. Local idioms that may not be understood in the U.S. must be explained. Entries not accompanied by translations and/or explanations will not be judged. Submit translations electronically via upload with the official entry form.

File Uploads:

In Stage 4 of the entry form you can support your entry with links to websites, videos, and file uploads.

  • If you are uploading links to a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video sharing platforms, please ensure that your agency name is not visible on the account details. Please make sure that all files are accessible until April 2020.
  • All entries must have a showcase image uploaded. This image will be used to represent the entry for all promotional, award show, and educational purposes. Required format: JPG files 1920x1080 px
  • We recommend you upload no more than 5 (five) separate images with your entry. Rather than upload individual images, please upload one PDF file with multiple images and the narrative in one place.
  • Case study videos should be no more than three minutes in duration; we recommend no more than two minutes. If uploading multiple videos, please label them clearly (e.g., casestudy.mov and adspot.mov). Always ensure your agency name is NOT in the video or the file name.

Physical Samples:

All supporting material will be viewed by judges online. However, judges DO expect hard copy material if it was used in the campaign, such as direct mail or brochure examples.

Please send all hard copy supporting material to:

Attn: Mark A. Galliher
Association of National Advertisers
10 Grand Central | 155 East 44th Street, Floor 2
New York, NY 10017

Entries must be postmarked by August 31, 2019. All material should be labelled with the reference number, category, and campaign name. If entering multiple categories, please send examples for each category.

NOTE: Judges only review physical samples in round 2. Please also upload a PDF for judges in round 1.


ECHO Judging takes place over 2 rounds.

Round 1: Up to 500 judges are hand-picked from more than 20 countries. Judges are allocated categories to review and are selected to ensure a balance of skills (creative, strategy, data, agency, and client). Judges review entries per category online and score each entry 0 to 10 points in the three criteria of strategy, creativity and results, for a total score of up to 30 points. The top-performing entries proceed to Round 2.

Round 2: Up to 100 judges travel to New York to debate the shortlisted work. Judges review the work per category and vote for a gold, silver, and bronze in every category. While the debate is open, judges vote confidentially and winners are not announced until March 2020, during the ECHO Award Gala Celebration. Entries will still be reviewed online on iPads and a large screen. Physical samples are only available to judges in Round 2.

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