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Scott Pinkney

VP, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Hawkeye

With over 30 years of experience working in New York, the UK and Toronto, Scott is a leading Creative Strategist, Brand Ambassador and Relationship Marketer. In 2015 Scott was brought into Publicis to launch Hawkeye, a new 1:1 Customer Engagement Practice. Scott brings his experience and deep understanding of consumer insights, creative strategy and data intelligence to drive powerful marketing ideas.

Over the course of his career, Scott has worked for some of the industry’s biggest agencies. Working at Ogilvy, FCB, BBDO Proximity and Publicis Hawkeye. He’s launched two agencies and had the privilege to be a judge at the inaugural direct category at the Cannes Festival of Creativity. He’s Co-Chaired numerous CMA Conferences, spoken at over a dozen industry events, judged over 50 industry awards and has won his fair share of industry awards. He currently sits on the Board of Governors for the ANA International ECHO Awards.

However, Scott’s creativity isn’t just reserved for his clients; he is also an accomplished fine artist and his abstract paintings have been exhibited in the U.S. 

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