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Mary Teahan

Qendar, Marketing Humano para una Sociedad Mejor

Coordinator of the ECHO Latam Awards, recognizing the best in data and marketing from Latin America.  Mary Teahan represents the Argentine DMA, where she is Honorary President.  Mary started her career on the brand marketing side and later progressed into direct and digital as agency head.  Her teams have won 15 ECHOs over the years, as well as Cannes Lions Direct, Effies, Caples and many awards in Latin America, totaling over 150 in all.  High on her list of data and marketing priorities and part of her professional expertise are consumer privacy and personal data protection. Former Chair and present Board member of Global DMA. Past President and current Prosecretary of the Argentine Ad Council. Since 2010, Mary has dedicated her career to the nonprofit sector, whence her agency’s tagline “Marketing for a Better World”.  She has taught in graduate degree programs at San Andrés University for nearly 20 years. Former Academic Director of the Masters in Marketing at that institution.  Mary lives, works, writes and teaches out of Buenos Aires. 

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