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The party.

Celebrate and See the Best in the World!
March 28, 2022

The 2022 ANA International ECHO Awards will culminate into a celebration on March 28, 2022, where we honor the best work across the globe as viewed through the data and analytics lens and judged in three areas; strategy, creative, and results. 

Join the international award ceremony that celebrates the creative exploration, inspiration, ideas, and brilliance of our Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award winners in several categories, and the coveted Gold Mailbox presented by USPS.

The Gold Mailbox Award, which recognizes an outstanding campaign that effectively utilized mail as a major part of an integrated marketing effort, will also be announced by the United States Postal Service. The goal of the award is to increase the effectiveness of all campaigns by highlighting how mail can be integrated in new and innovative ways to drive attention, response, and ROI.